For 40 years the McIndoe group has been servicing the King Country  providing plumbing services to Te Kuiti and surrounding districts. As the business grew so did the McIndoe Group.

Jim McIndoe joined the business bringing drive and vision that has seen the company grow to serve the agricultural sector, commercial and Council work projects. With the addition of new family blood the plumbing business expanded its capabilities into infrastructure, drain laying and water reticulation work including directional drilling with applications ranging from agricultural drainage and irrigation and large scale projects such as major road construction, to council work including commercial business applications.

Jim McIndoe’s unique down to earth, approachable leadership style and inspirational vision has enabled him to put together a tight knit loyal team who are totally dedicated to creating solutions for clients in a multitude of industries to the point where McIndoe’s are not only serving the King Country now but undertaking projects New Zealand wide.

By 2013 the group had grown to include these divisions:-
Motorcycle and Quad Bike Sales and Service, specialising in the Can Am Range,
Engineering specialising in Truck refitting and re-engineering
Bridge and Gate Construction. 
All varieties of general engineering including Stainless Steel Machining (on par with the best in the country)

A Tyre division supplying all tyre to the public including truck, 4 x 4, car, agriculture tyres, motorbike etc. Along with this they also do Truck and Trailer wheel alignments and wheel balancing.

In the late 1990’s McIndoe’s were approached by key personnel from one of the primary industry processing plants in the district and asked to invent a hygiene solution to improve food processing efficiency and to reduce MAF involvement. The result is the renowned McIndoe Boot Wash Systems (patent pending) a system that hygienically cleans footwear from all directions by processing worker’s footwear by simply inserting their boots or gumboots into the machine while still wearing them and the machines clean sole, sides top, toe and back in one movement eliminating the need for MAF inspections to the same degree . The Systems are complex and involve multi-geared, multi-engined components. The results have been astounding.

Key Services and Divisions

McIndoe Motorcycles

Can Am Quad Bike and Side by Side Specialists. We believe this brand is the best on the market and best suited for New Zealand and especially King Country Farm terrains. Competitively priced offering upto 3 year warranties on selected models and full servicing and parts support with parts availability usually within one day. Can Am have really stepped up to the plate in both quality of products and customer service. McIndoe’s have become the specialist in servicing the rural sector and offer Free On Farm Demos of their motorcycle range.

McIndoe Engineering

Offers full machining and workshop servicing to the King Country District. Areas of specialization: Truck refitting and re-engineering, Truck Deck modifications, Bridge construction, Gate Manufacturing, Stainless Steel Machining, Sheet Metal Manufacturing and Construction. We pride ourselves on being able to problem solve and create unique solutions that are effective and practical as per the needs and requirements of our customers.

McIndoe Tyre Division

We supply a full range of Tyres for all Trucks, agriculture machinery, 4 x 4s, Cars and Motorcycles including the world famous Cooper Tyre range which we consider to be the best value Tyre available in the market with up to 30% extra Tyre tread depth per Tyre – real value. Nitro-fill your tyres and save hundreds of dollars a year by ensuring your tyres are always at the right Tyre pressure. Ask us for tips on how to get the most out of your Tyres, you’ll be surprised at how much you save.

McIndoe Plumbing

With 40 years experience we have the team, the skills and the equipment to quickly and efficiently attend to all plumbing needs from fixing toilets and drains to supplying and installing the latest designer bathrooms. See our showroom for our full range.

Commercial and residential plumbing specialists, our team undertake a wide variety of tasks, on a daily basis, both small and large projects including drainage and Water reticulation requirements for council and Infrastructure projects.

McIndoe Infrastructure and Rural Water reticulation, Directional Drilling

From Agricultural Drainage and Irrigation projects to major road construction the Mcindoe Directional Drilling team have the a huge range of experience working with challenging terrain producing results that in some cases, save our customers tens of thousands of dollars in labour and excavation costs . Trenching is no longer required. Our transportable laser guided Directional drilling rigs provide effective solutions for, residential , commercial, agricultural, council and infrastructural needs. For more information about these services please visit this link here on our website to see how these services can benefit you and your team

McIndoe Boot Wash Systems (patent Pending)

A story that reflects the innovative essence of the McIndoe Group.

Jim McIndoe was approached by representatives of a primary industry processing plant who were looking for ways to make meat processing, compliant with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) hygiene auditing systems in a way that ensured quality of Hygiene practices and reduced MAF auditing hours. In a highly competitive market this company was looking for a mechanised process by which footwear could be cleaned from all angles- top, sides, heel, toe and sole in one movement. Our team designed and built a solution from the ground up which involved several multi-geared motors and was complex in design and construction. The results have been spectacular. Product development has worldwide export potential with a market in the Millions and created one very happy client in particular.

Motor Cycle and Bike Services

The fully equipped motorcycle mechanical workshop offers a comprehensive servicing facilty. With our fully qualified mechanics on hand to service any make and model of motorcycle from ATV’s, Side by Sides, Motorcross bike, Farm 2 wheelers and Road Bikes.

Should be looking for a new ATV or Side by Side we have the outstanding Can-Am ranged of bikes. OR should you be looking for a quality secondhand bike come and see us to discuss your needs.

We offer free On Farm Demonstrations.


If you require finance to help you purchase your bike we can arrange a meeting with our MTF representative.


We can arrange insurance on you Road Bike, Car or Classic vehicle with Protector insurance, offering very competitive rates as well as excellent cover condition including Road side Assistance as part of the policy

Can-Am Maintenance Repairs

The fully equipped motorcycle mechanical workshop offers a comprehensive servicing facility. With our fully qualified mechanics on hand to service any make and model of motorcycle from ATV’s, Side by Sides, Motorcross bike, Farm 2 wheelers and Road Bikes.


We can handle all of your tyre and wheel needs. From alignments and puncture repairs to new tyres and alloy wheels. For all types of vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles and atvs.

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