MAF approved Bootwash and Solewash Hygiene Systems for primary industries with application suited to Meat processing Fish Processing and other food processingwhere food safety andf hygiene is paramount

About Bootwash

Designed, fabricated and patented by Jim McIndoe The Bootmaster has been designed for use in the food industry to step through quickly, efficiently cleaning and sanitizing boots for those entering and leaving designated areas.
One of many products designed by McIndoe Brothers, It has a growing reputation throughout the north Island of New Zealand’s Meat Industry as an essential item for industry hygiene.


  • 1055mm Wide, 1600mm Long and 1200mm Highwithout adjustable feet extended.
  • Manual model is operated by a push buttonswitch and timer.
  • The automatic model works by magic eye.
  • The whole machine can be pulled apart witha 13mm ring spanner,allowing easy access for changing of the brushes.
  • Fabricated in stainless steel
  • Long-life nylon brushes
  • Simple low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Hand rail for balance
  • Manual or Automatic Operation

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