Boot Wash Services

  • Bootwash

    Bootwash (patent pending) is a custom designed Food industry Hygiene enhancing machine that saves labour downtime and reduces water bills. Significant savings can be made and increases production hours produced due to reduced manual washing of footwear.  Footwear life is also greatly enhanced.  Applications include all food processing industries and anywhere hygiene and cleanliness are important to your business or organisation. 

    Easy to to maintain and designed produced entirely by McIndoe Group Engineering this is another example of the sort of innovative and inventive problem solving work the group produces.  Designed with quality and endurance in mind, Bootwash Machines are built to the highest of standards.

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  • Solewash

    Solewash is a variation of the Bootwash machine, applying the same principles of design and construction. Used primarily for the food processing industry Solewash and Bootwash make excellent plant investments offering good return on investment within a short time.

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  • Wash stations and Custom-designed Hygiene Processing Ware

    Mcindoe are fully versed in the requirements of most food industries including meat, fish, apiculture, fruit and vegetable processing and can on order create custom designed hygiene and processing ware, built primarily with stainless steel, as required.    Call us with your project specifications today and discuss the possibilities with our innovative experienced team.

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