Engineering Services

  • Truck Engineering

    LT400 Certification Work.  Ensure your fleet is up to certification level.

    McIndoe are fully set up to custom engineer, maintain and ensure the mechanical safety of your vehicles including truck and trailer alignment.

    We specialise in Truck Decks and Truck Custom Engineering.  From minor fitting adjustments through to unique custom solutions specifically designed and  engineered for your requirements.

    Truck Decks and Trailers.  Trucking companies Nationwide are coming to recognise the specialised skill set that Mcindoe Engineering offers.  In the heartland of the North Island, location has historically often required innovation and this has translated to a ‘can do’ engineering culture and  our specialised experience which customers have grown to appreciate. This means we aren’t always reliant on CAD renderings to solve the puzzle and can easily provide outside the square solutions.

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  • Specialist Welding

    Aluminium/Stainless Steel Welding

    McIndoe are specialist welders. From food industry processing and commercial kitchenware to tables, racks, lockers or virtually any application where stainless steel sheet metal or aluminium welding is required  including marine, automotive truck and trailer work to onsite industrial or agricultural plants.  We provide Mig, Tig and Arc Welding services

    We’ve got the know how and  and decades of experience.

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  • Stainless Steel and Pipe work.

    From Farm Gate to Industrial Plant work .  Call us with your requirements

    McIndoe Group Engineering for innovative, inventive solutions based on decades of sound experience. 

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  • Engineering Supplies

    Nuts, Bolts, Screws – whatever you need for your factory, workshop or Farm, we have most engineering consumables on hand and in shop. If we don’t have it, we can get the parts or engineering consumables usually within 24 hours.

    We supply  Mig, Tig, and Arc Welders and all Welding consumables in store

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  • General Machining

    The McIndoe Engineering Workshop is set up to handle just about any requirement with full machining capacity.  This makes our team extremely flexible and capable of solving most machine and utility issues  where others simply don’t have the skill level and the experience to be able to solve problems with out the need for Cad engineering diagrams or finding specific parts from manufacturers.  We can’t create miracles but we do our best to come close.   We’ve got the know how, experience and the attitude.

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  • One Off Solutions

    Do you have a problem you need to solve but can’t find a conventional solution?  Call us and explain your requirements and we may well be able to create a custom solution.  Or do you have a product you would like to prototype and manufacture?  Drop in with your plans and have  a coffee with us – you’ll find yourself in like-minded company.  We love nothing more than creating innovative solutions and we’ve developed a reputation for inventively solving puzzles others can’t.

    We can Design, Build and Install.

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  • Specialised Pipework

    From the Food Industry and large scale commercial industrial applications including conveyor systems to health industry Sterilisation units.  McIndoe have the know how and experience to handle any specialised Stainless Steel Pipework

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