From Agricultural Drainage and Irrigation projects to major road construction the Mcindoe Directional Drilling team have the a huge range of experience working with challenging terrain producing results that in some cases, save our customers tens of thousands of dollars in labour and excavation costs . Trenching is no longer required to bore and lay pipe work. Our transportable laser guided Directional drilling rigs provide effective solutions for, residential, commercial, agricultural, council and infrasturctural needs. For more information about these services view the services page which with provide you an overview of how we can be of benefit to your team.

Directional Drilling

Enabling trenchless boring, directional drilling allows sewer, stormwater, commercial power, gas and water to be installed under existing services, across rivers and estuaries and so on. It is used in sensitive areas based on a steerable drilling system. Environmental and social impact is minimal.
Examples of utility services that we have directional drilled includes the following:

  • Telecom
  • Power
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Storm Water
  • Fibre Optic Cabling
  • Rural Trenchless Irrigation

Farm, Commercial, Council and Residential

thumb-infrastructure_09Directional Drillingthumb-infrastructure_06 Water Reticulation

Irrigationthumb-infrastructure_16Drain Laying

Water Reticulation

The Mcindoe Group Civil has carried out numerous projects that incorporate water and wastewater installations, reticulation, connections, relocations and testing associated structures.
We have established positive relationships Councils, Industry , Rural land owners, utility service owners and providers throughout the greater King Country and Waikato districts and offer an excellent track record in effective interface management and liaison with these companies.
Our in-house specialist expertise ensures you’ll receiuve an excellent ROI every time

Trenching and Irrigation channel work

  • Chain trenching
  • Excavator trenching
  • Directional drilling
  • Asphalt joint/crack sealing
  • Drilling/trenching of underground utilities including telephone, power and water
  • Irrigation and upgrades in farming, golf courses & sports facilities

Dairy Shed Reticulation

McIndoe Group Infrastructure offer a design and installation service for water reticulation requirements in new dairy sheds, as well as a servicing and maintenance service for existing dairy sheds.
We will provide onsite consultation, plans and a system to suit your dairy farm requirements.