Infrastructure Services

  • Directional Drilling,

    Save thousands off conventional trenching costs for drains,sewers, irrigation and electric cabling.  Anywhere were you want to lay pipe or cable,  Directional Drilling is the answer.  Directional Drilling will lay pipe or cable under roads without the need to pull a road up or engage in expensive trenching via laser guided flexible drilling that allows us to drill in arced shapes rather than just straight lines.  Lay irrigation piping under your paddocks without laboriously trenching and save hours and hours of labour dependent on the size of the project.

    Whether you need to lay Sewer pipes at up to 300mm wide or electric cabling as small as 15mm wide  McIndoe directional drilling is your answer.  Call today for a quote and more information.

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  • Water Reticulation

    From new subdivision housing estate work, laying sewer pipes and water mains piping through to setting up commercial factories and plants including setting up of pumping stations, the  McIndoe infrastructure Team have the experience and know how to reticulate your project cost effectively with confidence.  As experienced council contractors we are fully versed with compliance regulations.  With each project we aim to surpass expectations.  Always striving to create the best results we continually undertake our own research and development and invest in regular staff training to offer more to the customer.

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  • K-line Irrigation systems

    We design build and install K-line Irrigations Systems.

    K-Line is the perfect Irrigation System for:- Farms, Sportsfields and Parks, providing Dust Control and and high root zone absorbency.

    K-line systems are durable and built to withstand a wide range of temperature variations from super hot summers to freezing cold Winters and resist UV light, vehicle and animal traffic.

    K-line systems are economical both in set up and running costs.

    Suitable for multiple terrains, K-line systems are perfect for both hill country and flat land and perform with virtually no water run off on hill country. Expandable, the system is designed to expand as needs grow

    K-line systems are adaptable, we’ll work with you to design and install a set up that fits your requirements.

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  • Drainlaying

    Residential, Commercial, Council – Infrastructure and Agricultural Drainage. McIndoe provide a full range of drain laying and maintenance services providing expert solutions to your needs including Pumping station design set up and installation.  We install a full range of piping from PE through to wide bore concrete piping.  With decades of experience and understanding of all compliance requirements, McIndoe make the perfect partner for your next project. Call today for the full scope of what we can assist you with.

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